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Frequently Asked Questions

What products can be traded on CBF's trading platform?
Stock market indices, individual stocks, currencies, bonds, interest rates, inflation, and all major commodities like crude oil. A complete list is located on the Specifications page.


What are the commissions and fees charged by CBF?
All trading with CBF is commission free (zero commissions). There can be a small cost of carry management fee for holding positions overnight, as described on our web site.


What is a "CFD"?
A "Contract for Difference". It is an efficient means to enjoy the economic results of trading in shares and indices, without actually buying or selling on the exchange. This often translates into lower transaction costs and greater efficiency. Further information is located on the CFD Trading page.


What are the trading hours for each product?
Currencies, Bonds, S&P500, and many others are traded 24 hours a day. For details on all products, please see our Specifications page.


How do I open a free demo account?
Click here and follow the instructions. Demo accounts are good for at least 30 days.


How do I open a Live account?
Click here and follow the instructions.


How does CBF make money without charging a commission?
The same way that banks have made money dealing in foreign exchange for decades without commissions - CBF is a primary market maker and seeks to capture a portion of the bid/ask spread (the difference between the buy and sell price). The same costs of trading apply to traditional futures trading, but there are more parties involved: the futures exchange and floor brokers profit from the bid/ask spread, while the FCM keeps the commission and shares it with any Introducing brokers. CBF does not use an exchange and therefore does not need the extra fees to be profitable.


Is CBF Trading licensed?
Yes.  CBF Trading Division is a part of Century Brothers Financial Limited who is regulated by the BVI Financial Services Commission (FSC) for trading in all financial industries include financial and commodity-based derivatives and other securities, including foreign exchange...etc.


How do I know my funds are safe once I make a deposit with CBF?
CBF Trading Division maintains a rigorous policy of holding client funds in separate bank accounts from firm operating capital. These funds are never commingled and CBF ensures that client liabilities are fully funded. In addition, CBF Trading Division boasts a balance sheet with net capital in excess of most minimum regulatory requirements. Also offering dedicated accounts for the US$ 100,000 clients and high security solutions for any clients fund.


What does CBF offer that other online brokers do not?
We believe that low cost of trading, safety of funds, excellence of trading software, quality of execution, and breadth of product offerings are the primary features that set us apart from our peers. CBF has the widest range of products (currencies as well as S&P500, Dow Jones, Shares, and Commodities) offered at zero commissions, and with lower margin requirements than the exchanges or other brokers. In addition, client confidentiality and a tax-free jurisdiction are unique CBF benefits.


How do I withdraw funds from my account?
Via faxed request, which can be downloaded from our Withdrawal page. Withdrawal requests are processed within two business days of receiving this form, although usually the same day.


How do I add funds from my account?
Via bank wire transfer, credit card or check. Please see our Deposits page for details.


What if I have questions, trade disputes, or complaints?
CBF prides itself on a very low rate of trade disputes and complaints. Any trade disputes that are market price and time sensitive should immediately be brought to the attention of our offices


How can I get training or background information on the Forex markets?
Please Click the CBF Training icon.


What are the account opening minimums?
USD 3,000 CFD/Forex Trading.


What are the margin requirements?
%0.5 per lot for Forex Trading and %1 to %20 on CFD Trading. Please see the specifications page for lot sizes and other details.





 Margins start as low as % 0.5 (optional)
Client's of the CBF accounts between US$ 3,000 to US$ 20,000 will get a leverage margin of %0.5 as an option, between US$ 20,001 to US$ 50,000 will get a leverage margin of %1 as an option, and from US$ 50,001 will get leverage margin of %2. (NOTE: %2 is the default margin of all mentioned accounts).
Spreads start as low as 1
In CBF Trading system spreads start as low as 1 in Forex. You can read full list in the CBF Trading - Market Sheets.
CFD and Forex
Client's can trade now with CFD's (equities, indices, commodities, bonds, interest rates, forex, inflation). The hedging facility is available on all instruments.
Commission-Free trading
CBF do not charge a commission on its services and you can read about the Free commission by walk through CBF Trading - Market Sheets.
US$ 3,000 Minimum to open account
Live account with CBF Trading start from minimum deposit of US$ 3,000 only.
Dedicated accounts
CBF Trading Division is a part of Century Brothers Financial Limited, the trading giant in the financial industries and the first company offering dedicated accounts for the US$ 100,000 clients with independent third party "AA+" banks and high security solutions for any other clients fund.
All in one platform
Within one account you can trade CFD and Forex. In CBF Trading system competitive pricing on multi financial instruments, including indices, real-time margin calculation and risk-management notifications, easy software and technology for complete trading confidence, visual trading and one-click order entry, and place trailing stops and other order types to help manage your risk. You will get totally FREE services such as real time quotes, real time charts, analytics, and multi languages.
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Legal Disclaimer: Century Brothers Financial Limited is an authorized financial company in British Virgin Islands. Registration number 1458255 issued by BVI Financial Services Commission (FSC), Registrar of Corporate Affairs under the BVI Business Companies Act, 2004. However, Century Brothers Financial Limited and its trading division ("CBF Trading") do not trade for or on-behalf of the clients who will trade directly to the market using CBF Software only.

Century Brothers Financial Limited and its trading division ("CBF Trading") do not hold any of the clients treads. The liquidity of CBF Trading prime is offered directly from a number of prime world wide banks (Up to 16 "A+" level banks and above), for that Century Brothers Financial Limited and its trading division ("CBF Trading") are not concerned of clients profits or risk. So CBF Trading is the most transparent trading system in the market. Click here for an important risk disclaimer and website warning.

Century Brothers Financial Limited and its trading division ("CBF Trading") are not agent and/or affiliated to any financial or trading company.

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