The CBF Forex Account is ideal for traders wishing to trade currencies with a low minimum transaction size and lower account opening minimum.

Zero commissions for all accounts: Client trading performance is enhanced by eliminating all commissions.

CBF software: CBF's free trading software provides real-time prices in currencies, including live charts, and real-time P&L and account equity tracking.

Tight start from 1 pip spreads: Clients can trade in major currencies and crosses, 24 hours a day.

$3,000 minimum account balance: CBF provides access to forex trading for individuals as well as institutions.

Low Margin Requirements: Margin requirements start from %0.5 per lot.

Risk is limited to deposited funds: CBF's sophisticated margin and dealing procedures mean that clients can never lose more than their funds on deposit.

Rapid and fair trade execution: Market, stop, and limit orders are confirmed within seconds. Furthermore, CBF has a "zero slippage guarantee" for all Stop and Entry Stop orders.

Hedging Capability: Clients can hedge in all trading instruments.

Tools for successful trading: CBF clients benefit from a wide array of resources to improve their trading results, including market analysis and research, real-time charts.

Noticeable market trends: As the largest financial market, the forex market offers very smooth and noticeable trends, compared to available in any market. No other market comes close to the volume and participation in the forex market, making it a haven for traders seeking fewer price gaps and erratic spikes, and other choppy conditions found in lower volume markets such as futures or options. Because the market is only closed briefly on weekends, market gaps (although possible) are limited, which results in greater and more consistent liquidity.

Bid and Ask pricing: Though some traders are unaware, all financial markets have a spread (the difference between the buying and selling prices). For example, in futures markets you may pay the spread, commission charges, clearing and exchange fees and a spread.

We offer traders tight spreads on currency pairs, so the prices you see are what you get. You can make quick decisions in forex trading without having to account for fees that may affect your profit/losses, because they are calculated in real time.

Leveraged trading: Leverage, also known as gearing or lodging, gives you the ability to control a large market position by use of smaller amounts of capital. This also allows you to trade multiple positions because it leaves you with more available capital. CBF Trading offers its customers leverage on all its financial instruments. With our spot forex offering, as CBF customer, you can gear your trade up to 300:1.

24 Hours Trading: The spot forex market, in a sense, follows the sun around the world, and rarely experiences periods of illiquidity (low volume or widened spreads). As a spot forex trader, you can take advantage of the continual volume no matter where you are, no matter what time zone you are in. No longer do you have to wait for the bourse or exchange to open, but trade day or night well after the floor traders have ended their day.

Spot foreign exchange is one of the few true 24-hour markets. When trading spot forex, you get constant liquidity 24 hours a day, 5.5 days a week.

Large players canít manipulate the market: Forex, is so large, that the liquidity of the forex market makes it very difficult for any one fund, bank or single trader to control a particular currency. Banks, hedge funds, governments, currency conversion houses and large net-worth individuals are just some of the participants in the spot currency markets, where the liquidity is unprecedented. This differs from the stock markets, which can be very susceptible to the buying and selling habits of large players.

Real-time profit calculation: Forex offers you the ability to leverage your profits in real-time. Add any potential profits to your positions, and as you gain knowledge and trading experience, try more advanced trading strategies.

Apply your market knowledge: If you are familiar with other markets and trading strategies, then you can make the transition to forex trading. Fundamental traders speculate using news and economic data while technical traders watch for breakout patterns in consolidating market. Even advanced traders familiar with analysis such as Fibonacci can use technical trading methods to analyse trading spot foreign exchange.





 Margins start as low as % 0.5 (optional)
Client's of the CBF accounts between US$ 3,000 to US$ 20,000 will get a leverage margin of %0.5 as an option, between US$ 20,001 to US$ 50,000 will get a leverage margin of %1 as an option, and from US$ 50,001 will get leverage margin of %2. (NOTE: %2 is the default margin of all mentioned accounts).
Spreads start as low as 1
In CBF Trading system spreads start as low as 1 in Forex. You can read full list in the CBF Trading - Market Sheets.
CFD and Forex
Client's can trade now with CFD's (equities, indices, commodities, bonds, interest rates, forex, inflation). The hedging facility is available on all instruments.
Commission-Free trading
CBF do not charge a commission on its services and you can read about the Free commission by walk through CBF Trading - Market Sheets.
US$ 3,000 Minimum to open account
Live account with CBF Trading start from minimum deposit of US$ 3,000 only.
Dedicated accounts
CBF Trading Division is a part of Century Brothers Financial Limited, the trading giant in the financial industries and the first company offering dedicated accounts for the US$ 100,000 clients with independent third party "AA+" banks and high security solutions for any other clients fund.
All in one platform
Within one account you can trade CFD and Forex. In CBF Trading system competitive pricing on multi financial instruments, including indices, real-time margin calculation and risk-management notifications, easy software and technology for complete trading confidence, visual trading and one-click order entry, and place trailing stops and other order types to help manage your risk. You will get totally FREE services such as real time quotes, real time charts, analytics, and multi languages.
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